Mar 21, 2014

New Music: Foster the People's Supermodel

As part of my 30 before 30 goal I wanted to spent more time this year immersing myself in music, specifically new to me music. I hope to post a few of my findings here for you. I'm not music reviewer so don't expect any titillating review or anything.

Like pretty much everyone else I loved Foster the People's 2011 album Torches. Poppy and happy, it's a fun album to listen and dance to. When I heard they had a new album I knew it was going to be this week's new music.

Second albums are tricky, especially after the first one was so successful. I can't imagine the pressure the artist must feel going into the project. How do you follow up? Will it be as successful? This album keeps this original sound. Poppy, happy, mostly danceable, but also more mellow. I didn't immediately like it as much as the first album. But it's solid. A great pool-side listen for your summer tunes. After the first listen there wasn't one song that jumped out at me and I wasn't overly in love with the album. I listened again and feel the same.

When to listen: chillaxing with friends

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