Mar 6, 2014

Ice, Ice, Baby

Sunday night/Monday morning we finally got a little winter weather in Memphis. It started with nearly 2.5" of rain but developed into ice and snow.

We woke up Monday morning to this:

It was mostly ice with a 1/2" layer of snow on top. Most people stayed home from work and school. When you work from home everyday snow days just don't hold the same allure they once did.

Jenna did come spend the day with us which was a fun change of pace.

We walked to the Square in the morning to get a look at everything. Pretty desolate early in the morning. For lunch we walked over to Crazy Noodle for hot bowls of noodle soup.

Wednesday it started melting more and now we're just a soggy mess. Oh well. I'm glad we finally got some white stuff.

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