Mar 19, 2014

Fat Tuesday, Super Grizz, Chalk Art, and Crawfish - a random update

Spring is nearly in the air in Memphis. We've had some warm, spring-like days and then we'll have some cold why-is-it-still-cold?!?! days. Bryan is sick of it. I'm tired of it, but am clinging to the promise of spring. And also not looking forward to those streamy hot days of summer. 

Here are a few random updates as of late:

On Fat Tuesday we all wore our beads. 

A couple weekends ago we went to a Grizzlies game. They were giving away Super Grizz masks and capes. 

Bryan was able to snag us some.

The other day, one of those spring like days, I was running through the park - yeah, I was really running! - and saw this event happening at the Brooks. I had Roux with me so I didn't venture closer. 

It was a chalk art event. Later in the afternoon Bryan and I went by while it was still daylight to see some of the art. 

There was some really good drawings. It's amazing what people can do with chalk! 

On Sundays during crawfish season Hog and Hominy is doing a crawfish boil in the Holding Pen (their back porch). I went with Mom and Dad last Sunday and we tore up some crawfish. They also threw in some shrimp, potatoes, and corn on the cob in several batches. 

I love Memphis in the spring time! 

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