Oct 23, 2014

One Room Challenge: Week Four

Welcome One Room Challenge participants and followers! If you are just joining me, I am working to transform our former guest room turned home office into our son's nursery. All while 26 weeks pregnant! 

Another week, another post. I swear time is moving faster during this six week process. It's not even funny. On one hand I'm kind of mad that I'm not making as much progress as I'd like, but on the other hand, I don't mind the time going faster as this pregnancy progresses. I'm sure there are a few mothers out there that can sympathize.

Last week I made much progress in terms of furniture, carpet, and placing orders for window treatments. I had hoped to have some paint progress happening this last week, but it just hasn't happened. Shouldn't that be the first thing one does, and yet, here I am four weeks in without priming or painting.

I'll be honest, I'm super frustrated about it myself. We got some unexpected, life changing news - which I can not discuss just yet - but that has had to take priority.  Basically, my painter helper husband has been too busy to help me and I have not been eager to start alone.

Last week I mentioned that I had picked out some fabric at a local store.  Fabric shopping was such a headache. I think part of my problem was envisioning the whole picture. Without the room painted it was hard to envision how the room, crib, furniture, and fabric would all work together... or if it would at all.  I was still rattled with indecision regarding the bumper. Picture texts were flying between me and my design assistants mom and friends.

Here's one.

I ended up buying nearly 12 yards of fabric for just under $40 from the remnant section. I really liked the fabric and loved the price, but wasn't sure how I was going to use it. Originally I thought crib skirt and that I'd find something else for the glider since there was no way I could sew stripes straight enough. But then my mom pointed out that since I was saving so much on the fabric, maybe I could afford to hire out someone to cover the glider for me.  I immediately took to this idea. I think it will look fantastic on the glider, giving it a bit of a masculine edge. Masculine glider? Oxymoron? Maybe.

I was still not sure about the whole crib situation. How would the fabric look with the white? What about bumper?

Mom and I went to a local baby store on Saturday to look around see what they had. They offered custom crib set ups with a variety of fabrics. So we started looking. The fabric selections, while cute, was just not my style and was not in the direction we were headed, so I just had them price out a simple white bumper in a textured fabric. $295 seemed a bit high. Especially when I am fairly certain I could pull off a bumper myself... granted with a lot of time, cursing, and probably blood and tears. We walked out empty handed.

Monday I took the glider cushions to a local seamstress.  I feel pretty confident in this decision, so at least there's that. However she said she would try to get it back to me by November 15th. Doh. Spoiler alert: by the sixth week of this challenge I will not have a finished nursery. But at least we'll be closer. I plan to upholster the glider ottoman myself once I get the cushions back. I'll have to line up the stripes to the cushions, but I've recovered several benches and things and this should not be an issue.

Feeling like maybe the nesting instinct has started to kick in, I rode an energy wave and started cutting fabric for the crib skirt. I wanted to visualize what the striped fabric would look like on the crib before I went any further. Sometimes you just have to cut the fabric and hold it up to see. I like it well enough that I'm moving forward with the skirt myself.  The bumper situation is still to be determined. I'm leaning towards finding or making an all white bumper and doing the ties in one of the fabrics. If I end up hating the skirt with the crib, I've only invested a couple dollars and a couple of hours.

To Do: 
- Prime and paint walls
- Select rug
- Make a decision on window treatment and order

- Get potential chair, ottoman, and bookcase from my mom's house and storage unit
- Set up crib and changing table
- Choose, purchase, make crib bedding
- Spray paint mirror I already have
- Access further needs
- Accessorize!

So there you have it. Too many words about fabric indecision and my decorating neurosis.


Christine Dovey said...

Life happens and sometimes gets in the way of decorating progress but don't worry...it will all come together!

tjaklitsch said...

How about this for the crib bumper?


Rachel Baddorf said...

TJAKLITSCH, I was looking at that one yesterday! Amazon has them for $40 so I think I'm going to order it from there.