Oct 20, 2014

Monday Garden Update

This post is going up late because cold. It's gotten colder here, especially in the mornings and I procrastinated going outside!

Things are still moving along in the garden. I skipped a fall seed planting a couple of weeks ago because of traveling and lots of rain. But I planted three rows of carrots and beets last week to help make up the difference. So far scheduling out the tasks seems to be really working for me.

What's not working for me are my seeds. I have approximately 3 beet seedlings so far.

My carrots are doing slightly better.

I pulled out half the basil that was overgrown last week. I left about three or four basil plants that hadn't gone to seed yet. In the blank space to the front of that middle bed I planted some spinach seed last week.

Do you see this? This is the work of a very naughty dog. I think my broccoli, which you can barely see to the left side of this bed, is going to make it.

Here's the other side of the garden. I pulled up the "pepper" plant a week or so ago and put it in a pot. It's a very attractive potted plant for fall. I've also been slowly picking the carrots as I need them for meals. There aren't too many left. The tomatoes are still going strong over there.

And now for the back bed:

The tomato plants are growing like weeds. While we were out of town we had some storms and knocked them over. We temporarily have them supported to the fence with twine.  Our first frost date is coming up in two weeks so I didn't want to invest too much time salvaging them.  They are still producing and I want to get every last tomato while I can.

Today's harvest. Lots of peppers. There are still tons of baby peppers on my two or three producing plants, but I picked everything I thought needed to come off the plant.

It's hard to believe the summer is over and pretty soon - two weeks! - I'll be pulling nearly everything up. It's especially bittersweet since I'm not sure what our next year's garden will look like given the presence of an infant in our lives.

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