Oct 24, 2014

Feeling Fall-ish

The air has turned cooler and crisp. Leaves are starting to fall and gather in my back yard. Hot beverages are snuggled and cherished.  It's fall, ya'll!

Around this time every year Bryan and I play this game. You probably play it at your house too - please tell me we aren't alone! It's the "how long can we go before turning on the heat" game. I know we caved early last year due to a cold snap, but this year we are still going strong.

Socks and sweaters have been a mainstay around here for the mornings and evenings. During the afternoons we are seeing highs in the 70s still so it's hard to justify turning on the heat when later in the day we are shedding layers to t-shirts.

But it's that magic hour (or three) in the mornings. When you first wake up, snuggle back down under the covers and fight for the last few minutes of warmth before getting up. You put on your favorite sweatshirt and socks and drink your coffee.  This feeling makes me want to camp out on the couch with warm drinks, design magazines, and holiday food magazines scheming of elaborate holiday meals and gorgeous Thanksgiving tablescapes.

Happy Friday and weekend, folks. Hope ya'll do something fun and fall-ish this weekend.

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