May 26, 2014

Garden Update

Not much activity in the garden this week. This is mostly just photos.

The potatoes are starting to bloom. What does this mean? I really need to look up what I should do with this bed!

First tomatoes are appearing on the Jet Star!

Cucumbers are starting to bloom.

My peas died the other day, so I repotted the jalepeno seedlings and my meyer lemon.

The peas and beans are growing like crazy. I'm trying to train them to climb the fence. No such luck yet.

I topped off most of the potato buckets today. Something appears to be snacking on the leaves in the black trash can container.

About time to harvest more lettuce.

On Friday I went to a herbal symposium at the Memphis Botantic Garden. They had several speakers and vendors. One thing I picked up is herbal water.

I've been obsessed ever since. Clip whatever herbs smell good to you, twist and stuff in a pitcher or some sort of vessel. Cover with ice and water, let steep for at least 30 minutes, and drink. So easy and so delicious!

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