Jun 2, 2014

Monday Garden Update

Good morning. We've gotten a little bit of rain everyday for what feels like the last week or so. No need to water, which is nice.

The potatoes in the bed are officially blooming. I still don't know what that means. I really need to look that up.

First tomatoes! The jet star tomato has really taken off. My cherry tomatoes are starting to grow, but the others are still really little. I wonder if they don't get enough sun.

First chocolate bell pepper. Also my pepper starts are pretty small as well. What happened to all my starts?!

The lima beans are starting to climb. I've had to sort of train them, but once they grab hold they take off.

Same with the green beans.

In other news, there appears to be a mushroom/fungi infestation in the right corner of the new bed. How do I handle this? Also, notice the tiny tomato plants.

This weeks' assignment is to research potatoes when they flower and mushrooms in garden beds.

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