May 6, 2014

Brewery Untapped

A few years ago Bryan and I toured the old Tennessee Brewery with our architectural group, LuniTects. It is a vast, but gorgeous building that has sat empty for several decades. Recently the owners have planned to demolish the building if no one bought it by the end of the summer. Several local leaders got together and decided to do something with the space temporarily. The plan was to bring people to the space, show off the amazing building, and also get people thinking that maybe you don't have to do something with the whole space at one time. The hopes that during the short term event a buyer/investor can see the potential and save the building.

The first weekend I went and met some friends on a Friday evening.

Then last Thursday I drug Brett and Bryan while we were downtown to show off the space. We stayed for lunch.

During this event the courtyard and two rooms are open. There are usually two food trucks on premises for your food needs and also a bar in one of the rooms with lots of local and regional beer options. On Sundays $1 from every purchase is donated back to a non-profit.

We hope to go back at least one more time, if not several more. If you are in the area, please make an effort to go to this cool event and support the efforts to save this building.

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