May 12, 2014

Garden Update

It's Monday! Time for a garden update!

Things are still pretty little, but this week I'm beginning to really see things take off. Specifically the potatoes and cucumbers.

The potatoes I swear grow a couple of inches a day. I'm not joking. I filled the buckets with several inches of dirt on Saturday and I already need to add some more.

The cucumbers are putting out a couple of leaves in this past week. I can see them really growing like crazy over the next few weeks.

I planted my pea and beans in the new bed on Saturday as well as the remaining tomatoes. All tomatoes are in the ground! I have a few starts left over and I'm not sure what will happen with them at this point. I may keep a few in pots. Or I'll give them to my parents for their garden.

First tomato blossom from my Jet Star transplant!

Saturday was the turning point. Now the beds are mostly full and it's all about watering and weeding.

In the front yard the fruit is blooming! Both the limes and the blackberries.

Future cobbler.

It can be difficult to wait patiently in these first weeks, but I have no doubt in about a month things will be well established and I'll be regretting planting so many things. Oh well, that's the beauty of growing vegetables and herbs. It's all edible!

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