May 19, 2014

Garden Update

Happy Monday! Time for a garden update.

We had rain the last five days! Not much has gotten done in the garden this week aside from adding a little dirt to the potatoes in buckets on Saturday between rain showers. Although, as I stated last week, there's not much work to do now aside from weeding and watering. Just waiting until everything is ready for harvesting.

Here's the view from the top step of the whole yard/garden. Still looking a little sparse from a distance.

The potatoes in this bed are huge. I can't decide what I should do about the dirt situation. Should I add more or let it be?

Extra tomato plants I need to take to my mom and my fig tree.

The left side of the garden.  The sweet pepper in the left most bed is starting to bloom. A week or so ago I planted an extra row of carrots in the middle bed. I'll add another row or two I think in another week or so. Or should I plant my jalepeno peppers here?

The jet start tomato in the right bed is growing like crazy. There are four or five blooms on it already.

The right side of the garden. Peppers are growing slowly in the left bed, although the chocolate bell pepper has a couple of blooms. Basil is starting to sprout in the middle bed. And the cucumbers are looking healthy in the right bed.

My meyer lemon has put out a ton of new leaves in the last couple of weeks.

The prettiest lettuce yet.

Over in the new bed the peas are sprouting!


Seeing lots of sprouts in my cinder block holes.

The right side of the bed. More tomatoes and soybeans.

Lots of lettuce sprouting over here.

Potatoes in buckets. These are growing so fast! I'll probably have them filled with dirt in just another week or two. Then it's the waiting game.

No harvests this week. I could probably put together a little salad with lettuce that is ready, but that's about it.

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