Oct 17, 2013

Kitchen Organization: Under the Sink

Today we're tackling the area under the sink. I view it as sort of a black hole of cleaning products and other random household things.

Here's the space:

There are literally things in here from the previous home owner. We've lived here five years in December. It's shameful.

If I had money to spend I would have bought some new liner to line the bottom of the cabinet. Probably something fun and pretty. And possibly some nice containers or drawer or something.  But we are doing this on a $0 budget and just using what we have. Somewhere down the line though... I don't view this time as a waste though. Going through what we have and clearing out the space lets me become aware of what we have and what would work in the space for us.

Like all good organizational projects I cleared everything out first. Take this time to wipe down the surfaces and wonder in amazement how the inside of cabinets can get so filthy. Seriously... will someone please tell me how this happens?

Okay. So we're cleared out and wiped down. Time to load back in.

On the right hand side I have an organizing tool on the door for ziplock bags and aluminum foil and such. So I have to take that into consideration. I put very seldom used (if ever) items in the back here. Draino and bug stuff. It's there when we need it, but not taking up precious easy-to-reach space. I also put one of two fire extinguishers here - in case of a fire on that side of the room.  I keep a little dish of extra dish scrubby things down here so that it keeps them out of the sink.  I also keep a small watering can down here for houseplants.

On the left hand side I put the other fire extinguisher right up front - just in cases. Behind it is the seldom, but sometimes used stainless steel cleaner. Next to that I put our dishwasher pods. These are often used and it is right next to the dishwasher. Don't you just love when things are together that are used together? I do. Bryan recently requested a bin for his shower cleaning supplies. We loaded that up with what he likes to use and put it down here. Behind and around this are other housecleaning sprays. I'm trying to use up what we already have so that eventually we'll only have one or two. Behind the shower caddy is a small bowl with extra scrubbies that have not be used yet.

It doesn't look like much, but it's better than what we started with. The best part is that there are no longer any previous owner cleaning products lingering down there. It's only our junk now!

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