Oct 31, 2013

31 Day Challenge Wrap Up

We did it! Okay, so I missed one day. But I'm going to let it slide.

I never expected to do so much during this month. I thought I'd might post some tips on how to get and keep things organized, but it ended up being a near whole house organizational clean out.

I have never, ever felt so good about my house than I do right now. Seriously, ya'll. I can't get over it. We had some family over for dinner Monday night and I told Bryan that I was kind of disappointed that no one realized how good it looked. In truth, most of the looking good is not as visible to anyone but Bryan and I. No one would notice the little changes we've accomplished besides us.

This house just feels good. It has room to breathe.

The best part is that I know what we have and where. I feel ready to conquer the holidays.

What I found most interesting this month was how one little change often sparked more changes. Bryan was spurred on to do some cleaning up, and then one project would lead or encourage me to do another. Rooms that I thought were done have evolved so much during this time. My closet (now closet/office) and Bryan's office (former office/guest room - update on that coming soon) have changed the most. We worked on them both a good bit yesterday.

Here are a few key tips to remember when you tackle any organizational project:
- Clear the space. Whether it's a drawer, cabinet, or closet take everything out.
- Touch everything. As you are taking it out take a second to touch and think about each item you are removing. Do you use it? Do you love it? If no to both, you should probably toss or donate the item.
- It feels good to let go. Great Aunt Martha may have left you that blanket, but if you aren't using it and you don't really care for it, let it go. You'll feel really good once you do.
- Small changes can spark big changes. Bryan and I were both inspired to keep going. Positive change feeds more positive change.

I hope you enjoyed following along with me. Please come back to visit! I love to talk food, Memphis, and design here along with some family updates.

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