Oct 26, 2013

Bar Organization

Since it's Saturday I thought I'd take a look at our bar.

This is in the corner of our living/entry room. While we like to drink, mostly beer and sometimes wine, we have accumulated quite the stock pile of liquor and other bar paraphernalia. We don't really even have the space to mix a drink here if we wanted to.

Here are the drawers of this piece:

Paraphernalia and growl towels. Hmm... okay.

I started going through the drawers first. The drawer on the left is mostly bar stuff: openers, stoppers, cocktail napkins, and other things (mustache straw anyone?).  I got rid of a few things that were duplicates or things we didn't use.

The right drawer had some tea lights, growl towels, and cocktail recipes. I pulled out all the cocktail recipes and books because we weren't referencing them. I also removed the growl towels... I'm not sure where we will put them, but they don't belong here. In the office I had several boxes of various sized candles and I decided this would be the best home for them.  I also left the coasters, a deck of cards, and a tape measure. (It's quite handy to have a tape measure in several parts of the house... you never know when you might need to measure something.)

Here's what they look liked after:

Much better.

I sorted through the liquor and didn't really get rid of anything. Mostly just dusted and re-organized. (We need to drink some rum apparently. What's your favorite rum drink?) But on top I decided it was time to pair down. We really don't make cocktails at home very often. So we got rid of one cocktail "set" and kept my grandparent's set that doesn't take up as much room. We also got rid of some of the wine glasses from the vineyards we visited last summer.

We actually have room to mix a drink here if we wanted to! (And yes, Mom, I know I need to polish the silver!)

It's funny because when I first started thinking about areas I wanted to organize for the 31 Day Challenge I didn't even consider this area. It's one area I considered just fine. But I've found through this project that sometimes you need to take a second look and really consider each item and each space. As I was thinking about working on this space Bryan mentioned that he'd like to mix a cocktail here sometime. I hadn't even thought about it. I'm glad we were able to sacrifice just a few things (can you call it sacrifice if you weren't even using the items?) to make it a more usable space.

Okay, so who wants a drink?

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