Oct 15, 2013

Kitchen Organization: The Freezer

Good afternoon! Today I tackled the freezer. I was sort of dreading this thinking it would take a lot of time, but I think it only ended up taking me about 20 minutes. Which is also exactly the amount of time it took before the freezer started beeping at me.

Here's the blurry before:

I started on the door and worked my way down. Looking at everything and deciding if it's a) still edible and b) something I'd enjoy if defrosted. Anything that didn't make the cut gets tossed.

Here's the after. It's really not much to look at! But here's how I organized it:

Top shelf: frozen herbs and citrus, pesto
Second shelf: vegetable scraps. Once this bin is full I make a stock!
Third shelf: bacon jam and frozen concentrates
Bottom shelf: ham hocks and pecans

Top shelf over ice: frozen basil and stocks
Second shelf: frozen veggies in the back, fancy ice, ice packs and ice cream up front
Third shelf: bolognese sauce and a lasagna
Small Drawer: soups
Middle drawer: rolls, meats, sauces, and grits
Bottom drawer: ice cream maker bowl, peas, and cooked meats

It may not look like much, but it's better than when I started. The best part is now I have an idea of what I actually have available. Which means that we can have a few meals out of the freezer soon!

I also took a few minutes to clean up the doors. They were looking like this:

And now they look like this:

So much better!

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