Oct 28, 2013

Hostess Organization

I didn't really know what to title this. What do you call the drawers/cabinets where you store all your table clothes, place mats, napkin rings, serving platters?  We have a demi-loom table in our dining room where I keep all this stuff. One drawer holds tissue paper and salt and pepper shakers, another holds platters of all shapes and sizes, and then the middle drawer holds placemats, table clothes, coasters, and napkin rings. It always gives me trouble

Recently I moved all the cloth napkins to our kitchen island and that has helped some. But still, it's kinda a mess.

Stuff is just jammed in there and it makes finding a specific item a hassle. It also makes me not want to change my place mats.

Confession: We are hosting a family dinner tonight so this is a two-for! I get to complete my challenge AND set the table. Winning!

First I pulled everything out and laid it on the table to see what I've got.

Hmm... why do I always feel like I don't have any place mats? Clearly I've got plenty.

I decided what I needed for my party tonight and put that to the side. Then I started putting in the placemats. I put in the off season ones first so they are at the bottom. Then I started stacking. On top of the place mats I laid out the table clothes.  On the sides I put the coasters and napkin rings.

Cat approved!

Here's my table so far. I think I need a few candles or vases or something. That shall be this afternoons project.

When was the last time you went through these types of items? I feel like I have a better grasp of what I own and will now be prepared for the upcoming holiday season.

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