Oct 27, 2013

Book Organization

Bryan and I are readers. We love books. Books in the physical form. While I'll occasionally read an e-book on my iPhone for convenience sake, we both prefer a hardback. No e-readers in this house. The only downside of being a book lover is the storage situation.

We are both pretty good about getting rid of books, Bryan more so than me. My rule of thumb is that I didn't love it and don't think I'll read it again, it goes.

A few months ago we re-organized our main bookcase. We got rid of two large boxes of books.

I've always struggled between the function vs. aesthetic quality of the bookcase. Since this is in one of our main living areas I wanted it to look nice, but I also wanted to find a book if I needed it. Little Green Notebook came to the rescue and suggested organizing first by genre and then by color.  So that's what we did.

Granted, I know it's not the most gorgeous or well-styled bookcase. But in the end, it looks decent and I can find a book in a matter of seconds if needed.

How do you organize your books? Do you prefer function over aesthetics?

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