Apr 15, 2014

Weekend Report

We had a fun, action packed weekend. Seems like once spring hits the weekends get a little crazy until it becomes stifling hot. I love all the spring festivals and just being outdoors in general.

We kicked off the weekend with dinner and drinks at SOB. It has been a while since we've been there even though its one of our favorite places. They just launched their new spring menu and it is a good one. I was tempted by almost everything on the menu. In the end I settled on the snack plate which had fried deviled eggs and a salmon mousse. I also got the cream of grilled corn soup which was amazing. I'm making a mental note to making something similar as soon as corn comes in season.

After dinner we walked on down to the Forum for the Grizz game. Grizz are in the push for the playoffs and are on a roll. We won! I'm a little sad this was the last of our 11 game pack of tickets. Hopefully they'll make it to the playoffs and we can go to one or two more games.

Saturday morning I went to the CY Farmer's Market while Bryan got his run on. I love that each week it gets a little bit bigger as more stuff becomes available.

By noon it was time for the Overton Square Crawfish Festival. This is my favorite festival of the year because it's in our neighborhood. And also crawfish.

Bryan and I shared 3 trays throughout the day. We were able to share the experience with my parents, Bryan's parent's, Max, and Eric Butze.

Sunday morning we were feeling a bit sluggish on crawfish and took it slow. I went to a baby shower for Julie and Chad, while Bryan went to the baseball game with Mel. Afterwards we went to the Easter choir concert at Independent.

There was a reception afterwards and we snacked on some food, which meant I didn't even have to cook the entire weekend.

What did you do this past weekend?

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