Apr 7, 2014

Shrubbery and Gardening

Friday I declared my garden day. I'd been itching to get back there all week. Monday and Tuesday we had some work to do and then rain was forecasted for Wednesday and Thursday. So Friday it was. Am I the only dork who plans and looking forward to this kind of thing? Maybe it's just a spring thing? The novelty of a nice day and working outside is still exciting and real. Ask me again in July and I'll probably punch you in the face.

The back right corner has been taunting me all winter. My desk is positioned in front of window that looks out on the backyard. So literally every single day I've looked back there and been depressed. Nothing but dirt and an empty tree. This past week the redbud tree has started blooming. Finally! Color! I had a plan though. I was finally able to implement it on Friday.

I went to the nursery (unescorted, otherwise Bryan would have never let me come home with so many!) and picked out a few azaleas, honeysuckles, and forsythia. While in pots I moved them around to where I wanted them.

Hello, greenery and color!

I tried digging a couple of holes, but quickly ran out of energy. So I waited a little while napped and waited for Bryan to finish up his work. He mowed down the weeds and started on the additional holes.  His parents and nieces came by and they helped as well.

Since Giselle wasn't much help with the holes she helped me with some gardening tasks.

We planted some more lettuce, onions, and chives. She was a big help watering everything.

Roux supervised the whole enterprise.

I forgot to take a picture of everything in the ground. And its too wet to go outside and take one now. I want to make garden updates a regular Monday thing. So here's what's going on inside.

Basil, oregano, and mint are in the egg cartons - in bad need of some water. Cucumbers and peppers are on the right hand side. Behind them are some Egyptian Walking Onions I got from my gardening class on Saturday that I need to plant. (Sarah's orchid and my meyer lemon are behind the dryer.)

Tomatoes, dill, and parsley are on top of the litter box.

So that's the latest. I still need to add some fresh dirt and mulch around the new shrubs. But it looks a lot better.

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