Apr 8, 2014

TN Tuesdays: Stax Museum of American Soul Music

Did you know that on Tuesdays many of the Memphis museums are free to Tennessee residents? I had heard this was the case, but until recently didn't take advantage of this little perk.

Sadly, there are many local museums I have yet to visit. Terrible, Memphian! I have not been to Stax, Sun Studios, the Rock and Soul Museum, or the Fire Museum. Over the next few months I plan on hitting up as many as I can, depending on our schedules. While our schedules are pretty flexible, I still feel a little guilty spending an afternoon doing something just for us.

Last week we went to Stax. While a museum for the former soul label, it is also a museum devoted to soul music in general. The only soul museum in the whole country and probably the world.

Sometimes it felt like there was a lot of information and a lot to read, but you can easily make it what you want it to. I enjoyed seeing the church, outfits and the gold Cadillac. We spent an entire road trip to New Albany, MS a few days later listening to Stax music. Rufus Thomas is our new favorite.

Bryan really enjoyed it and said he would recommend it. It wouldn't be on my must-see Memphis list, but for music enthusiasts, yes, make an effort and go.

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