Apr 28, 2014

Garden Update

It's been a few weeks since a garden update and lots have gotten done! In my anxiousness to see things grow I forget about how much still changes when things are little.

Here's how it's looking as of right now:

In the last 36 hours we've had over 2" of rain. So things are bit wet and windblown when I managed to get out and shoot these pictures. We are still expecting another round or two of storms in the next 24 hours. No point cleaning up at this point.

Here are my potatoes I started about three weeks ago in the ground. They are growing like crazy. Each day they seem to shoot up another inch. When it stops raining I'll put some dirt up around a few of the taller ones.

Onions, sweet pepper, lettuce and rosemary. The onions have sprouted but are barely visible.

Carrots at the top of this bed. I think I'll add another row or two of carrots in the next week or so. I might put a few jalepeno plants in there too. I haven't decided yet.

Egyptian walking onions, jet star tomato, sunchoke, and cherry roma tomatoes.

I planted a few tomatoes on Saturday. They are itty bitty, but I've put cages around them to protect them. Fortunately the rain did not wash them away. At least not yet.

Cucumber bed. Three of my starts have made it so far. I planted three more in the ground last week and they are sprouting.

Lettuce at the top and basil in the rest. I planted basil seeds in the ground last Wednesday and they have not sprouted yet.

The pepper bed. I had planted a few of my seedlings in here last week, but the rain washed many of them away. I guess I'll have to start a few more soon.

The new bed! Here it is!

Saturday a week ago we had three yards of dirt delivered from Yard Works and we have filled in the bed and the cinder block holes. I went on a plant buying spree at several local plant sales and filled in some holes with herbs. Many of the holes are still empty, but I've put a few herbs and carrot seeds in a few.

This past Saturday I stapled up some plastic mesh fencing to the fences for beans to run up. I'll plant the beans in another couple of weeks. I also planted some Cherokee Purple and Martino's Roma tomatoes in the bed.

This is the far left corner. I've got carrots in the holes to the left. A sunchoke is in the corner surrounded by my Cherokee Purples. Mint and strawberries are in the holes.

This week I'll be cleaning up the leaves and sticks from all this wind and rain, weeding, and starting more peppers.

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