Apr 14, 2014

Garden Update Monday

As I decided last week, I'm going to try to make Monday's a regular garden update while things are growing. So you know, until November or December. Let's see if I can keep it up. No promises.

On Friday I went to the Licterman Native Plant Sale and the Memphis Botanic Garden plant sale. I bought too much.

Highlights: 2 artichoke plants, 1 common fig tree, 1 tomato plant (I can't remember the variety), and tons and tons of herbs and a couple of peppers. I bought a bunch of started herbs because a) the ones I've started from seed are not doing anything and b) I've decided to go ahead with the cinder block garden bed and these will be a nice jump start to an otherwise sad looking bed.

Here's the garden side of the yard from the top step. The potato bed is to the far left. I'm not seeing any activity here besides weeds, but its only been a week. I put my common fig in a bigger container for now. Once it's a little more established it will go in the front yard.

Here's the other side of the yard. Don't mind Roux, there was a squirrel in a tree. I've got some peas started in pots and I've moved my lemon tree outside this past week.

The left side of the garden. Rosemary, lettuce, and a sweet pepper are in the left bed. In the center I've started carrots. Some asshole pet keeps digging a hole here. In the right bed I put some Egyptian Walking Onion transplants I received from the garden class a couple weeks ago.

On the right side: Mostly weeds in the left bed, although I put a chocolate bell pepper in there on Saturday. It's kind of hard to see in this picture though. Lettuce and basil in the center bed. The lettuce is really doing a lot better this week. Nothing in the far right bed yet.

My tomatos, peppers, and cucumber seedlings are still doing well. They've spent some time outside this weekend as part of the hardening off process. Later this week I'll probably put the cucumbers in their bed (the empty one above).

My main goal this week is to get cinder blocks in place and order dirt for the new bed. Right now its looking pretty darn sad.

Here's a closer up on the more ornamental side of the yard. Roux has not been kind to the new plants as they are in her way of terrorizing squirrels. One of the azaleas lost it's front half, but seems to still be hanging on. We'll be adding more dirt around these plants when we order our dirt for the new bed.

Nothing to harvest yet, but it's great to start seeing some plants in the garden.

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