Feb 27, 2014

Window Treatments!

Since we bought our house five years ago window treatments have been a goal. They weren't an active goal the first year or so, but for the last three years I've said "this is the year I do curtains." It's never panned out until the last few months.

In December I posted this little peek. Pretty much since then the dining room has been a wreck. Between Christmas and some rep projects this room has been filled with boxes and not presentable. Last week we shipped out some old samples and we finally have the room back.

I also moved my Hillary Butler painting to this wall and moved the mirror to the other one. Somehow this room has become the flower painting room. I'm hoping to change that soon... when I find the right thing.

In the last month Mom and I have worked on the window valence for our sitting room.

The fabric was leftover from my grandmother's house. I'm not sure what she used this fabric for in her previous home, but there was enough leftover for me to use to make the valence and a roman shade for the front door.

The roman shade was made professionally. With the addition of the rug this room has really come together!

Next up: curtains for three windows in our living room! Don't hold your breathe that it happens anytime soon.

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