Feb 7, 2014

New Music: The Blow

As part of my 30 before 30 goal I wanted to spent more time this year immersing myself in music, specifically new to me music. I hope to post a few of my findings here for you. I'm not music reviewer so don't expect any titillating review or anything.

In my previous life of being up to date music-wise I had downloaded and loved a few of The Blow's songs. Parenthesis and True Affection are still favorites. So when I heard that there was a new album I couldn't wait to hear it.

While they still have the same sync-y pop sound, the new album, also called The Blow, doesn't have the catchiness of previous work. A solid album, not one song stood out to me. In fact I listened to the whole album without noting one thing. Whoops. So I listened again. Yeah, nothing. It really is a fine album, just nothing is spectacular. Nothing I want to purchase.

When to listen: multi-tasking

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