Feb 25, 2014

Memphis on a Friday Night

After being in town for a full week we were ready to get out a little bit. I feel like I haven't done anything Memphis related in oh about three months - probably because between traveling and Christmas we haven't really. As part of our 11 game pack we had tickets to the Grizz/Clippers game. We decided to head downtown a little early to grab some food and music. 

First stop was BB Kings on Beale. While it's pretty tourist-y they do offer free music starting at 5 pm. 

We ordered a round of beers and their sausage and cheese plate (decent, but not the best). As the set progresses Will Tucker adds to his band. By the end of the night it's a rocking set, but it starts off pretty mellow. 

We stayed about an hour and then headed upstairs for more food. Bryan had never been to Itta Bena before and was blown away by how fancy it felt. The crowd was pretty light for 6 pm on a Friday, but we enjoyed the more mellow atmosphere and ordered a couple of appetizers to share along with a bowl of their She Crab Soup. Because you must must must get their crab soup. We definately want to go back for a full meal sometime. 

When the time came we traveled down Beale towards the Forum. We rarely walk to the Forum this way and it's fun to see the famous street sometimes... when it's not super crowded with drunk people. 

Needless to say it was an awesome game. This happened: 

The Grizz came out with a win and we had a great night. It felt wonderful to be back participating in Memphis. 

What fun things have you been doing in Memphis lately? 

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