Feb 26, 2014

New Garden Plan Prep

This year we're ambitiously adding a new garden bed, bucking our professional landscape plan.

Over the years we've lost some of these large plants and to be honest I just never liked them anyways. They were too overgrown. The plan suggested moving them to around the big evergreen. If they were smaller I would consider it, but since they were large and one of them was intangled with a vicious vine we decided to just toss them.

There was also this random clump of monkey grass in the corner behind the tree.

So yesterday, when it was still nice and warm outside - remember that? It was a nice time. Sigh.  - we pulled out the plants and I put down some weedblock to kill the remaining weeds in the next few weeks before we till and plant our first plants.

It's not much to look at right now, but I can almost see it in a few months over grown with beans and tomatoes. At this point I'm not sure what I'm going to do in that right hand corner with the tree. I want the tree to stay, but there's an awkward amount of space between it and the fences.

I do plan on planting a cross vine along the side fence like the original plan dictated. That whole side is just a little sad looking and could use a good plant year round.

Right now my lettuce seeds are sprouting, but not the pepper yet, which is making me nervous. Grow plants, grow!

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