Jan 23, 2015

Weekly Links

We're waiting on Charlie's arrival over here, growing more and more impatient by the day. Here are a few links I found amusing this week:

I have always loved Isaac Mizrahi. I was surprised by his subdued, but still lovely apartment.

Congrats to our friend, Taylor, for being featured in this awesome video by Choose 901.

Bookmarked recipes:
Brussels Sprouts with Sausage and Cumin
Crockpot Caramelized Pork Ramen Noodle Soup with Curry Roasted Acorn Squash - a bit more complicated than your average crockpot meal, but it looks like it could be worth it.

Bryan and I were talking about this the other day: Why Wes Anderson hasn't won an Oscar

Loving music by Benjamin Booker:

Hope you have a great weekend!

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