Jan 5, 2015

The 2014 Book Post: The books I read and some I didn't

The last couple of years I've made reading more of a priority and I am so glad I have. Reading is so enriching. According to Goodreads I read 75 books last year. Some of them were cookbooks, which I wouldn't really count as "reading" so much as flipping through and dreaming. But whatevs. I still like to mark them as read so that Goodreads can recommend other cookbooks I might like.

Here's my favorite books I read in 2014:

Favorite Fiction: The Rosie Project  by Graeme Simsion for a lighter reader; The Goldfinch by Donna Tratt for a weightier read.
Favorite Non-Fiction:  Great With Child by Beth Ann Fennelly; This is a Story of a Happy Marriage by Ann Patchett
Honorable Mentions:
Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman
84, Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff
Operating Instructions by Anne Lamott
Respect Yourself by Robert Gordon

To see more of what I read in 2014 click here.

And now for the books I haven't read...

NPR's Best Books of 2014
Huffington Post's Best Books of 2014
The New York Time's Notable Books of 2014

Nothing makes me feel worse about myself than looking at these lists and realizing that I haven't read a one of them. What have I been doing?! Do I live under a rock? Apparently I just operate a year behind these writers/readers. I've come to accept this as my lot in life.

My to-read list overfloweth! I spent some time the other day looking up books from my "to-read" list on Overdrive and marking what's available on my Overdrive "wish list." I'm holding out hope that once Charlie is born I will still find time to read. At this point I have over 30 ebook options to keep me occupied between naps and feedings.

What did you read and love this year?

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