Jan 19, 2015


I didn't anticipate having a gardening related post for a few more months, but I actually have garden related news this Monday morning!

For Christmas Bryan bought me a greenhouse from a local garden supply shop. It's not super fancy, just a pipe and plastic covering get up, but I'm pretty pleased with it! And he's pleased that I won't be starting seeds inside anymore! Win/win!

Saturday Bryan and his brother, Brett, set it up for me in the backyard.

So far I don't have much to put in it. My limes, which are seriously struggling, and a few herbs I had moved inside for the winter. What I'm really looking forward to utilizing this space for is starting seeds.  I received my seeds in the mail last week. This year's garden will have more tomatoes and peppers than ever before and they always do well when I start from seed.

Do you have a greenhouse? How do you utilize it?

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