Dec 2, 2014

Bryan's New Office Reveal

Bryan and I both love entertaining because the house always looks great right before guests come over and stays that way for a few days. Just before Friendsgiving the office and living room were looking the best they've looked in weeks so I snapped some pictures. I'm finally sharing some of our newly re-arranged rooms!

Here's the view from the living room looking into the new office. This was previously our living room and Bryan was reluctant to let his favorite room go.

Our decorator suggested a big table for the room, giving us lots of work space and also upgrading from what was perhaps the saddest desk in America.

We wanted some seating in this room so that if we were entertaining we could still have a seating area in here for more intimate conversations. I ended up claiming the blue chair on the right and spend a good bit of time at the desk as well. It's been nice to share the office.

I use the wicker basket for bills and paperwork that needs filing. It keeps it all contained but still looking pretty.

We used what was previously our bar as some additional storage behind the desk to hold catalogs and other office supplies.

My corner of the office. Mom ordered sheers for the french doors so that if Bryan needs privacy he can shut the doors. They also provide some great sound proofing. With the doors shut Bryan can't hear what's happening in the living room right outside the doors.  Behind the french door is an end tale housing the printer and paper. We moved the Audubon prints from the guest room.

We moved the bookcase from the current living room to the office. It seems appropriate. Bryan's trophies and running paraphernalia "decorate" the shelves.

Tucked behind the other blue chair and french door is Bryan's Mad Men bar. We have been scaling back and thought being able to close it off might be more child-friendly.  I hung a wood carving that Bryan's father did over the bar.

When  we started the process of making room for Charlie I was not excited about moving the office to the front of the house. It's a very visible room when you walk into the house. Our previous home office situations were not pretty. But Bryan and I are both thrilled with the results. Granted, it doesn't always look this nice. The reality is that we receive boxes of shoes, samples, catalogs, and other stuff all the time and they live temporarily in here at times.  But overall, it's a gorgeous, functional room. We emptied the closet which holds a filing cabinet, samples, and advertising material.

It is still Bryan's favorite room and one I am quite proud of.

Next week I'll post our new living room situation.

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