Dec 3, 2014

Duck, Duck, Teal?

Last week Bryan was going to run some errands and stopped to talk to a neighbor. He was cleaning ducks and offered Bryan a bag of teal ducks. Teals are small ducks that do not migrate apparently. Bryan, being the good husband he is, enthusiastically took the offering.

There is one very quick way to my heart and it is through food. Needless to say, this neighbor will be getting a Christmas present this year.

I marinated the 7 small birds in a mixture of Italian dressing and soy sauce. Bryan grilled them and we devoured them eagerly with our hands.

A few days later the same neighbor brought over two frozen mallards. These went straight to our freezer since we were still in the throes of leftover turkey. He's promised us some venison and wild pig as well.

Wild game is a new, ahem, game to me. Sorry, couldn't resist. Do you have any favorite ways to cook these delicious, free meats?

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