Dec 10, 2014

Our Living Room

Last week I showed you Bryan's new office, this week I have our new living room situation.

This room has lived an awkward life. When we first moved in Bryan really wanted to use the room that is now his office as his living room. Without enough furniture to fill it up this room held a bookcase and a glass console table for a few years.

Early 2009, two months after moving in.

Two years ago when we inherited some furniture from my grandmother we started turning this room into a sitting room.

July of this year before the changes.

We were using a Potter Barn table as our bar. The bicycles certainly didn't add anything to the ambiance. We used an old school desk estate sale find as our entry table.

Ready to see it now?

Mimi's nesting tables now serve as our entry table. Occasional chair is a nice dumping ground or extra seat when we entertain.

View from the office. Our front door is to the left. Couch and sofa table stayed the same. I need to do some styling on the sofa table for sure. I think it needs more height, but I'm at a loss as to what. Side tables were my mom's but have been living in various places around our house the last year or so. Glad they have a new home. The peach chair is from Mimi's house. I used to watch Nickelodeon shows in that chair growing up. Old Pottery Barn coffee table is still in use. I was sure it was going to get the ax.  I'd like to upgrade at some point when I see the perfect table.

This is the opposite wall. We swapped the entertainment unit and the bookcase. Currently we have a lime tree living here for the winter. It won't be a permanent fixture.

So that's the room. It's not perfect, but I love that it gives me room to grow by adding a grown up coffee table and styling options for the sofa table.

What do you think?

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