Nov 14, 2014

New Music: Luke Winslow-King's Everlasting Arms

As part of my 30 before 30 goal I wanted to spent more time this year immersing myself in music, specifically new to me music. I hope to post a few of my findings here for you. I'm not a music reviewer so don't expect any titillating review or anything.

Well, after taking a few weeks' break from listening to new music, I'm back this week. Up this week it's the newest album from New Orleans artist Luke Winslow-King.  Luke has a regular gig at one of our favorite New Orleans' haunts, Three Muses. He's got a folksy, bluesy sound that would make you think he is from Mississippi instead of Michigan!

Everlasting Arms is an upbeat bluesy album featuring Luke and his wife's vocals. Some songs feature a little New Orleans jazz sound (I'm Your Levee Man) and some are more country (Wanton Way of Loving). It is a well rounded album that has now moved to my "to buy" list.

Favorite Songs: Everlasting Arms, Swing That Thing, Domino Sugar, Traveling Myself - screw it, I'm downloading the whole album.

When to listen: Road trippin', multi-tasking, when you are Jones-ing for a cocktail at Three Muses - oh wait, just me?

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