Nov 27, 2014

Linky Links

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving and are enjoying a long weekend filled with food, family, and relaxation. Here are some fun links I've enjoyed over the last couple of weeks.

One day I'll refurbish a vintage trailer just like these cool folks.

Great article on how introverts interact with the world. No truer statement has ever been written about me without them knowing me:
If you're looking to destroy an introverted person's attention span, just put them in a situation where they feel overstimulated. Due to increased sensitivity to their surroundings, introverts struggle with feeling distracted and sometimes overwhelmed in large crowds and open office spaces.

More Jenny Lind cribs in nurseries. Glad to see Charlie is not alone. 

As a fellow puzzle nerd I loved this: How Puzzles Help My Writing. If I start doing jigsaw puzzles more regularly do you think I could write a book?  I think yes. 

Speaking of puzzles, I'm thoroughly obsessed with this podcast

I swear I only read the comments on Joanna's blog. I put sooooo many new bands to listen to on my "to-listen" list from this post

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