Nov 7, 2014

Links I Love

It's been a while since I've done a link post, but I thought I'd drop in and do one every once in a while again.  Mainly, just because I love looking back and seeing what I was reading or knowing I've linked to a specific thing here and can quickly refer back to it.

Without further ado:

Fall cookbook roundup - I'm pretty sure at least five of these will make their way into my collection. I've already told Bryan that I only want cookbooks for my birthday and Christmas.

I want to Bryan to make this Apple Skin Infused Bourbon because I can't.

What I wouldn't give to visit Grey Gardens!

A long read on gluten.

Along the lines of my current favorite topic: kids food and cooking: Food bloggers discuss cooking after baby.

Just bought supplies to make this for holiday presents. I'm going to experiment by making matches with bourbon, brandy, and rum too!

I plan to go back and read comments on this post on being a homemaker over the weekend.

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