Nov 18, 2014

Life Lately

Besides getting Charlie's room ready, we've been a bit busy this last month or so.

This biggest news is that Bryan changed jobs. Instead of repping several brands and being totally independent (besides me as his lovely assistant), he's now repping Mizuno only and is a full-time employee again. He's done a bit of traveling as part of this transition and I've been busy boxing up old samples to send back to the old lines.

It's been stressful and busy, but it's better to get this out of the way before Charlie comes. Bryan still has a good bit of travel ahead of him as he shows the newest line.

The weather has been changing from early fall to full on winter. We've had two snowy mornings so far.

Our sweet friends, Chad and Julie, threw a baby shower for us last Friday night. Bryan and I were thrilled that their baby sitter went out of town so we could spend time with our favorite little man, Cade.

The bump continues to grow and I'm distracting myself with holiday preparations. I'm nearly finished with all our gift shopping. We are no-Christmas until after Thanksgiving people, but I've been busy making preparations in my head. It feels good to get a lot of the legwork out of the way ahead of time so that once Thanksgiving is past we can just relax and enjoy the season. You know, as much as humanly possible. There is always still tons of holiday stress no matter how well organized anyone is.

I'm trying to figure out what Bryan's job change means for me and what my new role will be. I never thought I'd be a stay-at-home mom so this is taking some getting used to. Early in the mornings, when Bryan is trying to coerce me to get up, I like to think that I'm really a stay-in-bed mom.

So that's the latest with us. I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving and the Christmas season which are right around the corner. Then it will be Charlie time!

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