Nov 3, 2014

First Frost (And Podcast Link)

Welcome Garden Brew listeners! If you aren't a Garden Brew Podcast listener, I was recently interviewed by Christina and am featured on the latest episode. You can listen here.

Sunday morning we woke up to our first frost. Although we knew it was coming, it was still a bummer to have the first frost arrive a little early. Typically we have our first frost a week or two later.  Our local weather blog mentioned that in the city, where we live, the typical first frost date is November 12th. Last year we were around November 7th.

Friday, heeding the freeze warning (yes, that's a thing) I went out and picked all our green tomatoes. I really haven't done much clean up yet, hoping that our first frost wouldn't be for a few more weeks. So we will see how things are faring in a couple days post freeze. I'll probably spend the next week or so cleaning out the beds for the winter.

The first frost means it's the official end to the summer garden, which always leaves me feeling bittersweet. Bitter since it means no more fresh tomatoes and cold weather. Sweet because I'm always a little tired of tending to the garden this time of year. And who knows what next year garden holds. With a little one around next year it's hard to know what I'll feel up to doing.

I still have my carrots, beets, spinach, and lettuce for the next few months to tide me over the next few months. And many of the herbs will last the winter as well.

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