Aug 4, 2014

Monday Musings

Over the weekend we were able to make some progress on the house. We sold the Murphy bed - don't worry, it went to a good, loving home. We set up an outdoor bicycle tent and moved the bikes from our living room to outside. We now have what feels like two gaping holes in our home. It feels good.

I started going through my closet of things to get rid of. Since meeting with the designer and coming up with a plan I've been itching to clean out everything. Even in the rooms that we won't be working on right now. It feels good to make space. Have some room to grow into as a family of three.  Although, let's be honest, the kid's stuff will probably take over what minuscule room I make.

On Friday we went to the closet showroom and saw plans for the closet. It was good to be in the showroom because we were able visualize what it will look like and also make some tweaks to make the space work better for us me.

While I feel a little selfish knowing we're pouring a large chunk of money into a space that I will mostly use, I know it will be for the better of the house. It will add value to the house if we decide to sell down the line. And it will make other spaces work better for the whole family. I will be able to move everything from my dresser in our bedroom into the closet. Which means a) I won't be getting dressed in two spaces and b) it opens up a whole wall in our bedroom (another gaping hole). We will also store Bryan's sample rack and shoe bag in here as well. Making Bryan's office less cluttered and a better space for him to work in.

It feels good to make progress. Yesterday I made a list room-by-room (YHL style) of what all we need to do. Before the closet installation (sometime around mid September) I'll need to take down the two Ikea shelves, repair the holes, and paint. The trim in this room really needs to be repainted, but I'm not sure I have the energy for it right now. We'll have to see how the whole repairing and patching goes. I'm not even sure we have the paint to match. If we do I'm hoping that I don't have to totally repaint the whole room. But who knows... We may have a paint job in our future.

So that's where we are. We've made some progress and now pondering when/how we will make our next steps.

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