Aug 11, 2014

Garden Update

It's been a few weeks since a garden update. That's mostly because I've been ignoring it. It's gotten hot and pregnancy is not suiting me very well. I'm not really neglecting it. Just doing the bare minimum.

My tomatoes are finally progressing. I have baby green tomatoes on all the plants now, except the stunted ones. I have no explanation for those. I've picked a handful of cherry roma tomatoes in the last week and it's nice to pick something other than peppers and cucumbers.

Cucumbers. They have become my nemesis. Please remind me why I over eagerly plant too many plants each year? Seriously? Why?

Last Tuesday we had neighborhood night out, or the night in which our neighborhood gets together for dinner and I pawn off all my excess vegetables. Bwahaha. Mentally it was good for me to get to cucumber zero. Here's what a week's worth of cucumbers look like:

So I guess it's time for me to face the cucumbers this week. I had a break last week. Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler so I guess I could pickle a couple of batches.

In other garden news, edamame was a bust. I picked a small handful and boiled and ate them as a snack. The lima beans are growing well and I'll have some to pick in the next few weeks. I keep forgetting about my green beans.

Last week I ordered a couple of seed packets for fall gardening. Two varieties of beets, spinach, and lettuce. I think I have a sickness. I don't even know where I'm going to plant them. Oops.

So that's what's happening in our garden as of lately.

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