Jul 28, 2014

House Tour - July 2014

We have some big changes coming soon to our household. Big. Huge. Ginormous. Mind bottling boggling.

While we are excited, for the most part, about these coming changes, I've found myself sad about the house having to change. I love the way it is currently. I finally feel like I got the front room settled. Our living room is so cozy and we love snuggling up to watch TV together on the big leather sofa. I was finally able to get some window treatments in two of the rooms. Yeah, the office is still mainly a disaster area, but it works for the most part.

So last week I walked around the house and took some pictures as it is currently. (Okay, so I straightened up a little bit.) I put together the pictures as a little movie above. I tried to add music but my computer is acting funky. Music would be more entertaining, I know.

An hour or so after I took the pictures we met with an interior designer about how to best utilize our spaces. I've been overwhelmed thinking about how we could a) make room for a nursery, b) where to put a functional office for Bryan, and c) not make the house feel like we're living on top of each other. So instead of dealing with it myself I called in a professional.

Within about 15 minutes the designer told us this was a no-brainer and gave us a starting point and then hinted at what was to come once we got that first stage worked out.

So first up: quit being amateurs and make my closet a real, functional adult closet.

This is funny to me because every single person I tell about expecting asks about my closet. As if it's soooo obvious that it needs to go. No. For one thing, this room does not have any air circulation and I wouldn't put a baby in here. There's no room to grow; we could not put a twin bed in the room in the future. And also, where would my stuff go?

We met with a closet professional on Friday and are expecting our plans early this week. If everything looks good we can expect a closet overhaul in September.

I'm excited that we have a plan. We're breaking it into manageable pieces. First the closet, then office and then nursery.  I'm also excited about the actual plan. I'm still a little bit sad to see the house I love so much change, but I know for sure that it will be better. And even more functional for us. I look at these changes as a step up. Moving from our 20s to our 30s. From mis-matched to well put together.

Bryan is super excited about his future office, which the designer decided should be a man office that Bryan wants to work in. It was so cute to see how his face light up as he got excited about the prospect. He's eager to get his new office set up and mentions something about it every day since.

So yeah, changes are happening around the Baddorf household. From my waistline to my closet. I'm sure there will be plenty of updates in the next six months as it all goes down.

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