Jun 9, 2014

Monday Garden Update

Greetings from the garden. Seems like every day the last week we've gotten morning and/or afternoon rain. We had a rain shower this morning which prevented an earlier post. And we're expecting rain any second now.  At least I don't have to water!

This is just a mess of potatoes.

On the left hand side my jet star tomato has outgrown the tomato cage. The other day I tried stapling string  to the fence to keep it held up, but it fell and I have yet to fix it.  The cherry tomatoes are starting to take off. I even had to take off a sucker today.

The sunchoke in this bed is blooming.

Over on the right hand side my chocolate pepper is doing well an I have one growing well. The iceberg lettuce is weird. I thinned it out last week. The cucumbers plants are starting to look like cucumber plants. I've seen a few small cukes growing off the flowers.

My lemon tree is still growing after being repotted. The jalepeno plants are still tiny.

The fig tree is putting out a new leaf every other day or so! Won't be long until it will outgrow this pot and be put in the front yard orchard.

In the back bed the tomatoes are still small and the herbs are growing like crazy.

Green beans and lima beans are climbing well.

Trying to train the soy beans to climb, but I don't think they are a climbing variety.

Last week I read up on what I think is going on with the tomatoes. I'm worried the new dirt we brought in is a little high in ph level for tomatoes to thrive. I was planning on dilluting epsom salt with water to put on the tomatoes and peppers, but we've had too much rain. So Sunday morning I sprinkled a pinch full around the base of each. I hope that helps. We will see in a few days if it helped or hurt.

I harvested some lettuce last week, but that's about it.

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