Jun 16, 2014

Quick Garden Update

A quick update this morning as I ran out of room to take pictures on my phone and now I'm too lazy to go back out there. Keeping it real.

On Saturday we harvested our first pepper. I thought it was supposed to be a chocolate pepper, but it tasted like a regular one. Bryan sauteed it last night with dinner.

Our blackberries are starting to turn in color this week. I'm hoping for blackberry cobbler in the next week or two.

While I don't think our bushes will be able to produce enough for a whole cobbler this year, I can supplement from my parent's bushes. We are definitely seeing an increased number of fruit over last year though. Progress!

Look! A baby cucumber! We have several of these. Pickles will be here before we know it! I'm super excited to try my refrigerator pickles with the fresh dill I'm growing this year.

I have 5 green jet start tomatoes growing slowly. I always forget how hard it is to be patient on those first few tomatoes to turn.

My other tomato plants are FINALLY starting to grow! I dissolved some epsom salt in a gallon of water the other morning and watered the slow tomatoes and peppers with it. I don't think I killed them!

What's happening in your garden right now?

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