Jul 9, 2014

See Ya Later Side Yard

We have a narrow side yard. Well, more of a strip of land between our house and the neighbors drive way. It had gotten way overgrown in the last year or so.

See how those bushes had started growing above the window sill? And yes that's a 6' ladder for scale. Those vines creeping up the house also added a classy touch.

On Saturday Bryan felt inspired to take them down. He grabbed my grandmother's Maddock and went to town.

There were some scary thick vines mixed in with the bushes.

Not afraid to dominate!

There were several smaller bushes scattered further down the side of the house which he also took out. We are leaving the tree for now. But it will need to be limbed up sometime soon.

Here's how it looks for now. There are some stumps that will need to be pulled out and weeds pulled out, obviously. And once those vines dry a little bit we'll pull them down. But so far, so much better!

In the fall I'll start thinking about what to plant here. I'm considering adding a few more blackberry bushes and maybe some blueberry bushes as well. The back part gets mostly shade so we'll find some low maintenance shade loving plants for back there.

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