Jul 6, 2012

July Funk

One of the things I like about this blog is that I love to look back at the previous years to see how I felt and what we were up to in years past. Since its the beginning of July I wanted to look back to see what we did in July in the last four years. There's nothing. I think in the last four years I have one or two July posts at all. What happened?

I've come to realize that in July I get in a funk. Its so hot that its difficult to do anything. When its over 100 degrees I go into a cooking strike and refuse to make and sometimes even eat a full meal. Its too hot and I have to exert too much energy.

I'm feeling it this morning. At work my part of the office has been without air conditioning for two and a half months. Now that another in the office has blown I have zero patience with my co-workers who are recently without air.

My patience for anything in general is at an all time low. So if you come across me in the next few weeks, its not you. Its the July Funk.

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