Jul 10, 2012

Backyard Update

I'm way overdue for a backyard update. We've been working nearly every weekend to make progress. Hour and hours of sweat, blood, and a few near-tears things are taking shape.

Check here to see some befores.

What we've done since:
- removed a few bushes
- removed a bunch of slate from previous walkways (this is not quite complete yet)
- pulled up boards and railroad ties
- removed tons and tons of monkey grass (okay, so we didn't do this, but Bryan's parents were kind enough to remove it for us so they could reuse them.)
- Tilled garden section
- Rearranged patio furniture

Still to do:
- Finish picking up slate pieces
- Measure and cut boards and put into place
- Set out walkways
- Build beds and plant
- Move purple bushes around the evergreen tree
- Build new beds and plant new bushes according to plan
- Remove wild flowers
- Remove remaining monkey grass
- Throw a huge party to celebrate completion of the project!!!

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