Jul 9, 2012

Big Decisions: Garden Design

We've been working for weeks towards getting the garden ready. We had a plan and we have been working towards getting the area clear. This weekend's project was to get it laid and measured out. Not cuts, just layout. It still took hours, but still... progress people.

As we were laying out, we came into some problems. For one thing I don't think our plan is to actual scale of our yard. For another, half of the space in the plan would be taken up in walkways and boards. Call me selfish, but I want as much garden space as possible. So we improvised.

First we tried to lay out some of our boards closer to the original plan. Use your imagination here and see what we were working with:

This plan would give two rectangular beds in the center and four triangular beds on the corners. We adjusted the corners from the original plan to eat into the pathways around the edges of the bed.

So then as we were playing around with the boards I got the whim to try two triangular beds with a center pathway down the center of the garden area.

We moved things around a little bit more to make things symmetrical. We both decided that we liked this arrangement better and we're going with it.

Still to do:
- Finish picking up slate
- Measure and cut boards
- Set boards and create walkways
- Find decent dirt to fill in beds
- Plant!!! (I have okra and cucumber seeds started to transplant in a few weeks.)

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