Jul 30, 2012

Cookbook Review: Bayou Cuisine

This is one I inherited from Mimi. It was published by St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in Indianola, Mississippi. I kept thinking it was a South Louisiana cookbook, but I was wrong.

Here's what I made:

Shrimp in Beer - I really liked this concept, but it tasted funny. Not sure if it was the beer or the roux.

Comeback Sauce - I now solemnly swear never to be without this in my fridge for the rest of my life.

Lemon- Barbecued Beef Loaves - just alright. Not very lemon-y which is why I was intrigued by the recipe in the first place.

Garlic Green Beans - good. Super easy weeknight side dish.

I had two other recipes marked to try, but for some reason life got busy that week and I never got the chance to make them.

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