Jan 20, 2014

Lower Louisiana Sales Trip

On Friday we returned from a 10 day road trip through lower Louisiana. It was epic... in that it was long and we also ate some incredibly good food. It was really impressive. Please prepare yourselves mentally for a long post with a lot of food pictures. Here we go....

We left on a Wednesday.

We had stops in Meridian and Hattisburg, MS before coming into New Orleans that evening.

After dropping our luggage and car at the guest house we walked down Frenchman and got an appetizer at Three Muses and enjoyed the music. We had dinner at Coop's, Bryan's favorite. Before going home we grabbed another beer at Spotted Cat to enjoy another live band.

Thursday Bryan saw accounts and I was on my own... which meant croissants.

For some reason I decided I want to give oysters a chance. We've had a couple in the last year and a half that were really well done, so I wanted to give oysters on the half shell a real try. And the only place to do this is New Orleans.

For lunch I went to Acme and told the waiter I wanted to try the oysters. So he guided me. I got one oyster shooter so I could try it raw and then I got half dozen chargrilled oysters which is their specialty.

The waiter dressed the oyster for me (a little cocktail, a squeeze of lemon) put it on the little fork and then told me to open my mouth. He actually fed me. And it was incredible. The chargrilled oysters were also incredible.

That night we finally tried out Adolpho's which we had heard good things about from several different sources. We got the fish with the ocean sauce and it was incredible.

Friday I was on my own again. I had breakfast the Ruby Slipper, which was around the corner from our guest house. I walked around a bit that morning and had a lovely lunch at the Sylvain.

I booked a bicycle tour for myself for the afternoon. I wanted to do something different and it also took up a good chunk of the afternoon.

Friday night we went to dinner at Cochon Butcher. We ordered four or five different dishes to share. Everything was delicious. I loved the duck sliders.

Bryan took Saturday off of work. So we went to Croissant D'Or. I made a friend.

We walked around the Quarter since Bryan hadn't had a chance to do so yet. We ended our long walk at Felix's because I wanted Bryan to try oysters and also I wanted to compare Felix's against Acme directly across the street. (Acme chargrilled oysters was better for the record.)

He liked them.

As we were walking back to the guest house to get the car we came across a second line.

We went to St. James Cheese for second lunch.

This is my heaven. We ordered the 7 taster platter. They chose 3 different meats and 4 different cheeses. Yummmmm

To walk off both lunches we went to a cemetery and walked around. Their graves are beautiful.

And then we went to Peche...

Shrimp fritters

Mussels and potatoes in a curry sauce. (Never tried mussels before!)

Fried bread. I wasn't sure what to expect with this, but they were a little dense and sweet. Loved them.

A whole red fish with a side of beets.

Peche was the one place I was most anticipated to try. Everything was incredible.

Sunday we got up early for the race Bryan was to work. He partnered with a local store. We helped runner try on Pearl Izumi shoes as part of the post-race party.

Once the race was over we drove over to The Country Club in the Bywater for brunch. Known for its clothing optional policy at their pool, they also have incredible food and bottomless mimosas at brunch! We enjoyed a leisurely brunch on the front porch.

After a nap we had dinner at Muriel's in the Quarter. It was a second chance dinner. The first time we went I was in a bad mood and aching which did not help my impression of the restaurant. It's a solid place, but not our favorite.

Monday morning we packed it up and drove across the like to Mandeville for the first of the week's appointments. We also stopped in Hammond before ending in Baton Rouge for the day.

Tired and without any good ideas for dinner we decided on Acme for dinner. I made Bryan try their chargrilled oysters so he could compare. Acme wins. However, the oysters in the Quarter were much bigger and better.

Tuesday we had appointments in Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and Lake Charles.

Wednesday Bryan was in Lafayette and Lake Charles again. I stayed in Lafayette in the motel. I had lunch at the Blue Dog Cafe next to the motel. It has been one of Bryan's favorite places to eat on his road trips.  That afternoon he had some time so we drove about 20 minutes outside of Lafayette to Bayou Teche. We had a great time talking with Laurin and Byron and sipping beers. When we came out I was struck by the full moon over this old house and live oak tree.

Laurin recommended  Crawfish Town USA for dinner and we shared 8 lbs of crawfish.

Thursday we visited Alexandria and Shreveport. Bryan's last appointment ended at 3 so we hit the road and headed to Monroe, LA.

Yeah, we had to drive by.

We drove to downtown Monroe and ate at Cotton along the river. One of the best meals on the trip. Totally unexpected and delicious.

After one appointment in Monroe Friday morning we finally hit the road.

We had Grizz tickets that night and what did we order?

A po-boy.

It was a great trip. I'm glad that I was able to travel with Bryan and see some of these places that I've never been.

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