Nov 7, 2013

Working Road Trip

We've embraced the Rachel-as-Bryan's-secretary/assistant role fully now. We are both loving the flexibility and togetherness. (That's probably a whole other post as everyone who finds out that we are working together ask about it.)  Bryan will start traveling selling the new season (Fall 2014!) in another week or so, but one of his goals for the off season was to go to more events to support the stores and build brand awareness. He scheduled a couple of events this week at different stores and being his trusty assistant I got to travel with him. 

Tuesday morning we woke up early (for someone who doesn't set an alarm anymore) and hit the road towards Huntsville, AL. I had been to Huntsville (space camp!) twice as a child, but didn't really recall anything about the area or the drive. 

Our GPS took us on some back roads as our first destination was outside of Huntsville in a small town called Guntersville. Ya'll, our drive was beautiful. I had no idea that northern Alabama was so gorgeous. Maybe it's the leaves changing colors and my newly stress-free life, but holy moly. We drove through farming communities and I pointed out all the cute farm houses where I would be perfectly happy. I found two towns I'm willing to retire in. 

Guntersville, Alabama... who knows anything about this town? Because I'm in love. The town is on a little penninsula surrounded be a big lake (or river?). It's got a quaint little downtown area with tons of cute boutiques and antique stores! We had lunch at this little cafe and all the locals knew each other and stopped to say hello. I swear it was right out of Gilmore Girls. (Bryan and I both dream of retiring in a Stars Hollow type town.) We even saw an old man Luke in an old truck drive down the street. 

Our lunch counter view looking out. You can kinda see the water between the trees. 

Following lunch and Bryan stopping into the store there we drove on to Huntsville about an hour away. We stopped in a store there and talked with the employees. It's fun watching Bryan in full on work mode. It's been a while since I've seen him with customers. 

We had some time to kill before we needed to be at the next store so we visited one of Huntsville local breweries. Huntsville has a burgoning beer scene with 4-5 breweries. How is Memphis behind Huntsville?!?!?! Seriously?! 

We had a couple of pints at Straight to Ale tap room and talked with a local beer maker who had some fascinating stories of home brewing and cheap beer travel. (Panama has $0.50 beer, fyi.) 

The main reason we were in Huntsville was to attend Diva Night at the local Fleet Feet location. I wasn't sure what to expect going in and honestly wondering who goes to these types of events. But they had a great turnout of enthusiastic ladies willing to sip some free wine and win some door prizes. 

My little diva! 

After the event we grabbed some food a local farm to table type restaurant for a good meal. 

Wednesday morning we headed north towards Nashville. We stopped in Franklin to see an account and grab some coffee from a local shop in an old house. Franklin is a charming town if you've never been there. 

In light of my recent obsession with Mind of a Chef I insisted we have lunch at Husk. I'll be back soon with a full review of that in another post. 

We had another big gap in the afternoon but this time we hit up some of my favorite places: Container Store and Trader Joe's! Heaven! 

Our last event was a try-on event at a local group run. The group met out in Nolansville which is way out in the country. The rain held off all day until it was time to run. Blergh! We still had a ton of interest in the brand (this time CW-X) and a bun ch of try-ons. 

We hit the road just after 7:30 and were both exhausted. This was the one thing about traveling that I'm not good at dealing with. Weariness. Just about 30 minutes outside of town my eyes just refused to stay open anymore. We had to turn on the top 40 radio station to stay awake. But we made it. 

Overall it was fun to get out, see accounts and new cities, and spend some time with Bryan seeing what he does. I have a feeling there will be more of these trips in our future... hopefully to New Orleans soon as I've got the NOLA bug going strong right now. 

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