Apr 13, 2013

Weekly Links

I know I haven't posted anything else but links in a few weeks. I honestly haven't been up to that much and its been a few weeks since I've uploaded pictures from my camera.  I hope do that this weekend at some point so I'm sure once I do I'll have plenty to post about at that point.

Not link related or picture related, but I went to the Lichterman Nature Center plant sale yesterday and it was awesome. Great way to spend my lunch break on a beautiful day.

The Best Cards to send someone who hates their job

This one is my favorite.

And this one accurately describes all of my phones calls I receive at work.

I am thankful that I live on the same planet as Bill Murray. This story is great and I love all his "people are never going to believe you" stories.

Mario Batali is in Memphis this weekend. I sort of now want to stalk him. If I did run into Mario Batali, what should I say? Let's think it over as we finish up our coffee today.

Happy Saturday!

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